The Difference Between Japanese And Korean Beauty

Have you heard about the Korean skin care routine? Do you know why there is such a buzz about Japanese beauty? The industry and market have been amazed by the flawless look of celebrities and idols from Korean. This has caused the Korean products to be in high demand. Nevertheless, the buzz caused by the Japanese skin care did not stop for the Japanese stores Melbourne, which sell beauty products. The innovative products used for the routine has been highlighted every time when Japanese beauty is mentioned. There are both differences and similarities between the two and the trends are often changing.

What is Korean beauty?

When you research on the Internet about Korean beauty, have you noticed that Korean cosmetics online stores might mention skin care products that are perfect for the ten-step Korean skincare routine? This routine is not about just applying ten different types of products; it is about carefully using the proper technique and the synergistic product that will protect your skin. There are a few variations for the Korean skin care routines that you may come across on many other websites and blogs. For example, there are certain steps such as the double step, which is for double cleansing and toning. Double cleansing it when water and oil are both used to remove sunscreen, make up and any excess oil from your face using the water and oil based cleanser. It will clean up your face for the next product. Water based cleansers are pretty amazing as they will just push aside the grime and sweat. But a Korean beauty routine is nothing without using a toner, which will balance out the pH of the skin and will ensure that there is less absorption for heavier beauty and cosmetic products.

What is Japanese Beauty?

The mantra of Japanese beauty routine is very simple. This routine has been curated to ensure that the products will give healthier skin. Even during a short period of use, you will notice that the beauty product will give you long-term results. The Japanese routine will focus on two very important things; moisturising and hydrating. Cleansing oils are a big deal in Japan as this is a very moisturising product. It ensures that the excess sebum and remaining make up is removed. Then the lotion mask is applied on the face, which will provide the hydration required using a toner. This is where you will dip cotton pads and then place it on your face so that the nutrients will be locked in on the skin. Why not try both routines and see what is best for your skin?